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Gamify Classrooms

Gamify Classrooms is a one-of-its-kind learning experience for educators who want to make their online classrooms more engaging and fun-filled.

Key Features:

  • Completely self-paced course

  • Story-line based learning

  • Learn 12 gamifying tools

  • 4.5+ hours of content

  • Live Q&A calls 

  • Flexible Pricing

[Play the trial version here]

  • 15-day access

  • No Q&A Calls

  • Email-based support

  • Access to ViGEO Referrals



  • 45-day access

  • 1 Q&A Call

  • Chat-based support

  • Access to ViGEO Referrals



  • 90-day access

  • 2 Q&A Calls

  • Exclusive support group

  • Access to ViGEO Referrals




Who can attend this course?

This course has been designed educators and soon to be teachers in mind. But anyone who wants to learn tools to make learning fun can take this course.

Who is the course facilitator?

The course will be curated and hosted by Davis Abraham, Training Head at ViGEO. In 2020, Davis has :

  • worked with 900+ top professionals in public sector organizations like ONGC, NPC, PowerGrid, and NPCIL
  • helped 2500+ educators transition into online teaching
  • guided 1000+ students on goal setting & career planning.

Can you provide a course outline?

The course is designed as a game with five missions to complete: There is an introduction about the need to gamify classrooms and the advantages it brings to your teaching. Mission 1 is looking at the various avenues to introduce gamification and picking the right place to start. We will learn 10 areas where you can apply gamification. Mission 2 is setting up the basics needed to gamify your classroom. We will learn to create leaderboards, make honor badges and choice boards. Mission 3 is about the tools for gamifying your teaching sessions. This includes polls, quizzes, self-paced learning units & flash cards revision tools. Mission 4 is about the tools for gamifying the assignments and revision activities for students. This includes tools for acheiveing mastery, digital differentiation, science simulations and access to thousands of free community assignment games. Mission 5 is launching the gamifying tools in your classroom!

Will I get a certificate?

Yes! All participants who complete the course will receive an e-Certificate of Completion from ViGEO International Consulting. The course will be deemed complete when the course feedback is submitted.

Can I download the video lessons?

Sorry, these videos are meant to be watched online. You can rewatch them as many times as you need within your subscription duration.

What are Q&A calls?

These are live 60-minute live Zoom calls where learners ask their questions about the tools learnt or approaches for gamifications. Each call we will also introduce 2 additional tools/methods that teachers can use in their classrooms.

What if I miss the Q&A calls?

You will recieve an email with the link to watch the recording of the Q&A call.

What are ViGEO Referrals?

This is a unique program that allows learners to refer their friends and family to various self-paced courses offered by ViGEO. Referrer benefits include free courses and end-of-the-year gift hampers. Details will be provided once you complete a course from ViGEO.

What happens when I register?

You will receive an email about the payment confirmation from Instamojo. Our team will get in touch with you within 1-2 working days to set up your account for the course. You will be redirected to a page to create and account and then given access to the course page.