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Acing your Exams

Exams can be stressful - past failures, fear of the future, the high stakes. Learn quick and proven methods to make the most of your exam preparations.

Key Features:

  • Completely self-paced course

  • Short video lessons

  • Seamless flow of topics

  • Doable action steps

  • Learn digital revision tools

  • Flexible Pricing

  • 15-day access

  • Email-based support

  • Eligible for ViGEO Referrals



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  • 45-day access

  • Chat-based support

  • Eligible for ViGEO Referrals



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  • 90-day access

  • Exclusive support group

  • Eligible for ViGEO Referrals




Who can attend this course?

This course has been designed for school/ college and research students who are serious about their academics and would like to pick up skills for the future.

Who is the course facilitator?

The course will be curated and hosted by Davis Abraham, Training Head at ViGEO. In 2020, Davis has :

  • worked with 900+ top professionals in public sector organizations like ONGC, NPC, PowerGrid, and NPCIL
  • helped 2500+ educators transition into online teaching
  • guided 1000+ students on goal setting & career planning.

What is the course outline?

Module 1: The Problem & Solutions We look at why students struggle to ace their exams and the an overview of the solutions mentioned in this course. Module 2: Understand The key to excel is to understand the topics. We will learn proven ways to understand even the most difficult topics. Module 3: Remember Learning how to remember longer is key to acing exams. We will look at how our brain works and some useful ways to hack our memory Module 4: Focus Using our revision time well is vital to succeed. We'll learn doable action steps to minimise distractions and get the most of our study time. Module 5: Excel Exam stress is real but we can learn to caml our nerves by using some simple techniques before, during and after the exams. Module 6: Way forward We wind up this course with a truly motivating story!

Will I get a certificate?

Yes! All participants who attend the course will receive an e-Certificate of Completion from ViGEO International Consulting. The course will be deemed complete when the course feedback is submitted.

Can I download the video lessons?

Sorry, these videos are meant to be watched online. You can rewatch them as many times as you need within your subscription duration.

What are ViGEO Referrals?

This is a unique program that allows learners to refer their friends and family to various self-paced courses offered by ViGEO. Referrer benefits include free courses and end-of-the-year gift hampers. Details will be provided once you complete a course from ViGEO.

Why is there a limited access?

One of the challenges of self-paced courses is the low-completion rate of courses. We have intentionally added limits to the number of days you can access the course so that there will be a sense of urgnecy and a drive to complete. Lifetime access courses are often procrastinated for a lifetime!